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Greetings from your LEO

Posted by Web Master on December 4, 2014 at 11:45 AM



As I conclude my tenure as the LEO of Mt. Tabor, I want to refl ect on some of the learning I have experienced in this position. As a person educated in science and being employed in positions that utilized my training and experience, I did not have much time to read and learn outside of my chosen fi eld. However, being the LEO gave me cause to read in other areas especially Masonic history, ancient history and Biblical history. I have always felt the need to understand things and this means fi nding the foundations and beginnings of whatever I was thinking or working on. This led me to read and research the foundations of Masonry, which I believe began in the dim mists of the beginnings of civilization as we know it. It did not come into existence as the structure of Masonry as we now know and practice, but evolved slowly with increasing knowledge and understanding of men and their world. Early primitive man had little understanding of himself, the world about him and the universe in general. What information he could process contained some truth and much superstition. Superstition gave rise to magical thinking and to primitive religions. As primitive man learned and processed information because of the development of his brain, the ability to create language, writing and all the other things necessary to create civilization, methods were needed to separate truth and pass that information on to others and future generations. This is where I think the beginnings of Masonry started. Men formed groups to share information and learn the truth. Some of these groups were headed by a person who had a particular philosophy such as Plato, Socrates all the way to Newton, Bacon and others. These groups all attempted to explain the workings of everything from the inner workings of man to the workings of the universe. Masonry was not connected to any particular school of philosophy, but existed separately with persons from any philosophical group. The foundational principles of Masonry are taken without bias from the different philosophical schools to create the basic principles we now experience in the teachings of the Masonic Lodge. Masonry evolved to separate the basic truths from superstition, misinformation and magical thinking and in so doing created a system whereby men can apply the basic truths of our fraternity as we now know them, to all aspects of lives such as in daily living to groups and governmental actions. Today we live in an age where information is shared electronically and immediately around the globe. Primitive man’s information came to him more slowly. He could take


time to contemplate and process before making a decision and taking some action. Today the speed and volume of information we have to process is incredible. We must remember that the information we process today is no different then what primitive man processed. The information is fi lled with truth and untruths. It is well documented that the Internet [aka world wide web; www] is fi lled with much misinformation. We must evaluate the information and verify its authenticity. This is one area where I think the Masonic Lodge can help in this by providing a mean’s or forum for discussion.


Lastly a comment on my reading associated with the LEO position. As stated earlier, my reading outside my scientifi c fi eld has been limited. Now I have read with interest ancient history and Biblical history about the beginnings of civilization. When doing that one discovers that the Middle East area of the world has always been involved in confl ict. The history of confl ict in the Middle East extends back to the formation of civilization as we know it as documented in many sources including the Bible. At 5000 BCE [Before the Christian ERA = BC] Jericho existed as a city-state and confl icts between the neighboring areas are noted. Various kingdoms came into being, fl ourished, fought with their neighbors and disappeared. Some of the kingdoms to rule in the middle east were the Akkadian, Assyrian, Hittites, Egyptian, Macedonian, Greek, Jewish [under King David], Roman, Persian and Turkish to name a few. All gained territory and importance by fi ghting and enslaving existing people living in the area. Do not forget about the Crusades of the Middle Ages where European Christians [Catholic] invaded the Middle East to “free” the area from Islam of the Persians. Thus I watch the evening news with the developing confl icts in the Middle East and wonder, with 7000 years now of confl ict what should be done differently???


I will continue to write articles from time to time.


See you in Lodge,


Dan Holm

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